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8 “Cancelled” Star Wars Movies That Had Ready/Approved Scripts And Some Even Reached Production!

8 “Cancelled” Star Wars Movies That Had Ready/Approved Scripts And Some Even Reached Production!

In spite of being immensely loved for over 40 years, there have only been eight Star Wars films. Well, you could say nine if you counted the animated Clone Wars. What’s more, amid the numerous years between the original and the trilogy, various other conceivably awesome Star Wars films were talked about, begun and then simply vanished. Here’s a glance at 8 Star Wars films that never got made.

1. Draft One: A Star Wars Story

George Lucas, the American Graffiti writer and director, had composed a workable draft of a space-set science fiction epic by 1975. It was titled Adventures Of The Starkiller, Episode One: The Star Wars. This was a thick script which was more of a super-long sci-fi novel than a tumultuous space drama. Furthermore, this script turned into the basis for A New Hope. Nevertheless, it’s very different. For instance, Luke Starkiller (not Skywalker) is under training to be a Jedi immediately under his Jedi uncle Owen. Others being trained are his brother, sister and his cousin, Leia. In addition to this, the Force is called “the Force of Others.” What’s more, Chewbacca is dark, looks like a bush baby, has goliath teeth, and wears shorts.


2. Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

Having considered everything, it’s difficult to believe that the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, would be anything besides a thundering success. After all, it has adventures, mysticism, laser swords, robots, spaceships and Carrie Fisher. However, when it was initially released, science fiction motion pictures weren’t all that famous. As a result, neither 20th Century Fox nor George Lucas were certain how A New Hope would go down with the audience. Lucas wanted to do a sequel at any rate, thus he had an emergency course of action: if Star Wars was fruitful, he had a script for The Empire Strikes Back ready to go. However, if it floundered Lucas had Splinter of the Mind’s Eye ready.
In it, the plot showcases Luke and Leia meandering around a swamp planet, attempting to discover a talisman that makes the Force stronger. Towards the end, Darth Vader appears for a lightsaber duel whereas Han Solo doesn’t appear at all. Lucas figured that a screen adaptation of the story would be a very low-budget plan and that the studio would give him a chance to make it even if Star Wars bombed. This simply meant that if Star Wars worked and Empire was made, then Splinter of the Mind’s Eye could be transformed into a Star Wars novel. In fact, he’d even gotten Star Wars novelization writer Alan Dean Foster to pen it down. What’s more, that is precisely what happened.

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