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7 Greatest Carrie Fisher Non-Star Wars Movie Roles

7 Greatest Carrie Fisher Non-Star Wars Movie Roles

Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60 years, leaving behind her an irrefutable legacy. To call Fisher a legendary figure wouldn’t be incorrect. Furthermore, her role as Princess Leia has effectively gone down in film history as an unbelievable and remarkable execution. To put it across simply; the franchise just won’t be the same without her. That being said, Carrie Fisher’s vocation turned out to be characterized by a lot of different roles outside of the Star Wars universe. What’s more, we have 7 of the most memorable ones right here for you…

1. The ‘Burbs

In 1989’s The ‘Burbs, Fisher took up the role of Carol Peterson with Tom Hanks playing Ray Peterson. She flawlessly embodied the role of a “voice of reason” housewife to equipoise her zanier and outlandish spouse. Fisher wasn’t known for playing straight characters in comedies, yet Carol Peterson demonstrated that she could do it with alarming ease.


2. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

This is amongst one of Carrie Fisher’s most humorous roles and her smallest. The on-screen character had a tiny role in Kevin Smith’s Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back and she got the scene bang on!Playing the role of a nun who picks up the titular stoners of the street, Fisher plays the role of an old lady who coincidentally makes Jay imagine that she needs him to perform oral love making while driving. It’s raunchy, it’s rough, and Fisher nails it!

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