5 Physically Weaker DC Characters Who Could (Easily) Defeat The Hulk

5 Physically Weaker DC Characters Who Could (Easily) Defeat The Hulk

We had recently shared an article featuring Marvel characters who could defeat Superman, and it generated a lot of buzz. Keeping that in mind, today we are bringing to you another article which features a leading Marvel character and selecting DC characters who could beat him up.

The Marvel guy is the Hulk, and we have created a twist here by picking up those characters who can defeat him despite being no match for him in physical strength.

The point to note here is that it doesn’t always come down to the brute muscular force in the comic books and this article will amply prove that point. So here we bring to you five weaker DC characters who can easily beat the Hulk.

Here we are featuring the premise of sudden and one on one fights with no prior preparation and no restrictions in place. These are characters who would beat the Hulk with ease in a face to face confrontation.

1. Flash

The advantage with him is speed.

There are plenty of Flash versions, but, we are evaluating the legendary Wally West in this list, and the fact is that the Hulk can’t touch any of them in physical combat.

The Wally’s speed can be gauged by the fact that there was a North Korean city with a population of half a million upon which a nuclear bomb is detonated. Wally managed to safely transport the city’s entire population to a hilltop located 35 miles out, and he did this within the 0.00001-second window that existed between the bomb’s detonation and its impact on the city. Now, Hulk would never even seen him coming.

However, you might be doubting that despite the speed, West has no power to inflict pain upon the Hulk. That’s entirely incorrect. Flash has the speed to rain billions of punches upon the Hulk’s head even before the Hulk could process a thought in his brain and this would render him unconscious. Not only that there is the Infinite Mass Punch power which enables the Flash to hit with the force equivalent of a dwarf star.

Thus, Hulk is nothing but a lifeless statue in a fight with Flash, right from the outset. As if that is not enough, Flash can also use his speed-steal power. Which means that if Flash anticipated the possibility of the Hulk punching him, he could simply steal the speed of Hulk’s punch and that would also make Hulk as ineffective as a statue.

Besides the powers mentioned above, Flash can also lose his physical self by vibrating his body molecules which would mean that the Hulk won’t ever be able to hit him and also give him the power to pierce through objects which include the body of the Hulk (detonating him as he passes through).

2. Green Lantern

The Green Lantern’s advantage is his versatility.

Just like there are several Flashes, there are multiple Green Lanterns too, and they all can easily beat the Hulk – however, we are choosing the Hal Jordan version here.

Hal has several accomplishments with the fully-stretched arm of the Plastic Man, and it would be insane even to imagine the kind of things that the Power Ring can do. There are so many options available to him that it is absurd to even think about this battle.

To begin with, he has the ability to contain the Hulk. He has built things which have contained the force of exploding stars or to capture and relocate large planets. Thus, Hulk is too minuscule to be a challenge for him.

As far as his options are concerned, we could spend days talking about how he can take Hulk out. He has the power to become invisible, and he can build things that cut through characters as strong as Amazo and Mongul II with the same ease that a knife cuts through butter. His ring’s energy bursts have set dying stars on fire and has blown planets to smithereens. Not only that, his ring has powers to reshape matter which could mean Hulk could be turned into a smiley face stress ball. Hal has also enhanced his speed and agility to match the Flash.

To sum it up, The Flash has so many ways of conquering the Hulk that the only problem he will ever face in a battle with the green guy is of choosing which of his powers will be more fun for beating his opponent.

3. Zatanna

Zatanna holds the advantage of magic.

We have seen that Hulk has done okay against magical enemies in the past. However, Zatanna is different in the way that she makes her desires come true. Whenever she wants something to take place, it does, and that would be enough to halt the pummelling green hero.

All that Zatanna does is to speak backward what she wants, and the exact thing happens. In fact, she can also do the same by speaking normally too if the need arises.

Classically, Zatanna’s power has been the ability to make something happen by saying it – in a very basic form – backward (although she has proven to be able to cast spells just as easily by speaking normally). That implies that if she is faced with the Hulk, then she can either say, “Bruce Banner or ecurBrennaB” and the Hulk would be back to the timid scientist self.

Also, this is not just the only way that Zatanna can defeat the Hulk, there are countless other tricks up her sleeve. For example, she can say things like, “Send him to Mars,” Sink him into the ocean,” “Make him a statue” or even “Turn him into a candy” and you can imagine what the result will be.

4. Manchester Black

His advantage is psionics.

This British villain has no physical powers of any kind, yet, he can easily prevail over the Hulk, and since he has a lot of hatred for the heroes, he is bound to enjoy the battle.

His strength is all about his psionic powers as he is a supreme telepath and also is an extremely powerful telekinetic. Therefore, he can control living beings and move lifeless objects by mental signals.

He once made Superman suffer a stroke through his telekinetic prowess. While Superman is concrete strong internally as well, Black managed to temper with his brain to the extent of rendering Superman motionless. If he can do something like that to Superman, then Hulk hardly stands a chance against him.

Besides this, he can also use the Hulk as a remote controlled toy through his telepathy.

5. Johnny Sorrow

Johnny Sorrow scores with his intangibility.

This is one name that is not even known outside the comic book world. He is not seen much in any other format, and his appearance makes him look anything but intimidating, however, even he can beat the Hulk without any trouble.

King of Tears as he is called, used to be a normal human till the time his body was torn into particles by a teleportation device, and he landed in some other dimension. He regained his senses, and now his fluid existence is in the form of a floating suit and mask. He doesn’t have any physical tangibility.

In his current form, he can take advantage of any force and repulse attacks of energies such as black magic, cosmic or any other attack launched at him by other heroes. This gives him the power to remain beyond Hulk’s touch but take out all the gamma power out of him, which would leave him as a weakling.

Sorrow can also beat Hulk by simply taking off his mask which would not only make him touchable but, also will result in an instant death for the Hulk. His face is such a hideous monstrosity that nobody has survived another breath after looking at him, and he has even killed the blind Doctor Mid-Nite by this trick.


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