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10 Things You Can Anticipate To See In Star Wars Celebration Orlando!

10 Things You Can Anticipate To See In Star Wars Celebration Orlando!

All set to happen between 13th April and 16th 2017, Star Wars Celebration is the biggest social occasion of Star Wars fans and on-screen characters on the planet, a salute to everything that makes our most loved Galaxy Far, Far Away. Here’s what we can expect…

10. A Memorial Of Carrie Fisher

As the very first Celebration occasion since Carrie Fisher’s death a year ago, it’s very likely that Lucasfilm would discover a way to respect her legacy as one of the franchise’s most iconic figures.
Because of Star Wars fan site Tosche Station, the life and vocation of Fisher will be commended at a memorial celebration called ‘Drwoning in Moonlight.’ After this, it will go towards The Midnight Mission, which aims at giving independence and recuperation to the destitute. The occasion will likewise highlight a podcast, a quiet auction, prizes food and drink, and a guestbook in which fans can pen down their well-wishes and sympathies for Carrie’s family.


9. A Re-mastered Theatrical Cut Of The Original Trilogy

Star Wars fans can be a troublesome cluster of individuals to please. However, in the event that there’s one thing they all appear to need, it’s a re-mastered, HD adaptation of the Original Star Wars motion pictures.
Fans are enthusiastic for a more steadfast and unaltered version of the adventure, though one that has been touched up to match the current visual constancy. With Celebration Orlando corresponding with the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope, it makes sense that we’ll be seeing an updated version of the dramatic release unveiled at the occasion. It’d be awesome to see a Blu-Ray collection of each film in the series, untouched by George Lucas’ stickler inclinations.

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