Superheroes Who Eventually Became Super Villains

Superheroes Who Eventually Became Super Villains

Marvel Comics have bad guys who became good guys. But when flipping things around, there are superheroes who have turned into super villains. It is a nice way to take a good and dull hero and make them more interesting by turning them into villains.

So, here are 10 super-heroes who became the bad guys. The list is from Marvel and DC.

10. Wonder Man

A recent case of a good guy gone bad is Wonder Man who took on Avengers in the first arc of the latest volume of the title. When Captain America asked old Wondy to join their team, he says that he thinks the concept of Avengers is a bad idea and well, that is true, a group of superheroes on their team has died. He assembles a team of D-list heroes in order to take on the Avengers, but Iron Man captures him and adds that he is maybe imaginary.

9. Iron Man

Shellhead, he is made a few turns toward the dark side. He filled a sort of antagonist role in Civil War a few years back- when time-traveling, Immortus took over his brain, and a teenage Tony Stark had to take over as Iron Man for a while.

Everything from that got wiped out by the Heroes Reborn in ’96.

8. Hal Jordan

Now, he is a good guy again, but in the mid-’90s, Hal had killed the Green Lantern Corps and totally destroyed Coast City. But he came back to life as easily as other would in comics and it was not a big of a deal. He had been possessed by evil space demon Parallax when he did the damage.

7. Jean Grey

Jean Grey started as a nice telepath. But she died and came back to life many times; sometimes evil and sometimes the good girl.

6. Maxwell Lord

He had his run-ins with villainous computers and turned out to be a good guy in the end. But then he shot Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman broke his neck and oh well, the universe got rebooted, and he was brought back in Brightest Day and has been kind of a jerk.

5. The Hulk

Well, Hulk’s turn toward evil has not happened yet. But will happen but only a hundred years from now. Hulk may survive but not without going megalomaniacal. Having Bruce Banner’s intelligence and considering his strength, he declares himself The Maestro and will become the ruler of the shell of the world.

4. Terra

She was bad the entire time in Teen Titans and although Titans did not realize it. She was introduced as a new member, but she had been feeding information to Deathstroke, the Terminator. She became her own end. This entire thing was changed to say she actually had been driven insane by serum.

3. Hobgoblin
The Green Goblin was a good guy, but it was not an Osborn in the suit,it was Daily Bugle reporter, Phil who had a short-lived series in 1995. Urich popped up in Runaways as a member of The Loner.  He ends up turning on the team when a girl he is into kisses a fellow team member. He is working at the Daily Bugle as the Hobgoblin and surely not being a nice guy.

2. Superboy Prime

Superboy Prime gained superpowers while encountering an alternate-dimension Superman. SP decided to use powers for good, but after he got them, the Crisis on Infinite Earths happened, so he lived in paradise with Golden Age Superman, Lois Lane, and good Lex Luthor. He got bored of that and started punching the universe and became a killer.

1. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver started out as bad guys. They are Magneto’s children and were in his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But they were only repaying a debt to their dad for saving their hide. Unfortunately for Witch, her two sons are parts of the devil’s soul, and her mentor makes her forget them. She is edging her way back to hero-dom now, but she has got a lot of ground to cover.

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