10 Actors Who Could Play Batman If Ben Affleck Steps Down

10 Actors Who Could Play Batman If Ben Affleck Steps Down

Over the last one week, the talk of the town has been about Ben Affleck and his future as The Batman.

Ever since he left his directorial chair of the solo movie, there has been a buzz about his willingness to quit DCEU as an actor too.

Although this is absolutely a rumor and we don’t even think it could be true, this brings us to think about the possible replacements for him.

If Ben indeed walks out then who will walk in?

There are plenty of options and each one of them worthy of serious consideration. Let’s have a look at ten of the most likely choices that we have to replace Ben Affleck as Batman.

1. Jon Hamm

He has got the voice, the hairstyle and of course the impressive jaw line that makes him an ideal Bruce Wayne. He has already worked with Gal Gadot recently, and the biggest plus that he has is his ability to play the character of a conflicted superhero. Just recall his work in Mad Men, and you can imagine how impactful such a dialogue will be for the Batman.

2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Flashpoint continues to be among the top DC narratives of all time, and if DCEU ever wants to make it into a movie, then they have a great actor available for that.

Flashpoint is one of the best DC storylines of all time, and the DCEU already has a great actor in place if they want to make it happen.

Instead of Bruce, if we make the rugged and deadly Batman from Flashpoint, Thomas Wayne as the main Batman then the studio has the best man in place.

This Batman would be like an angrier and nastier version of Negan, and that’s something we all would want.

3. Colin Farrell

When it comes to physical combat, Colin Farrell has proven his skills throughout his career, and we know he is a formidable guy for such performances. He can also handle the weight of a franchise, and he is well-known to the audiences. If given a chance, Farrell could be a very good replacement for Ben.

Not only that, it would be similar to things coming a full circle as Farrell played a villain opposite Ben in the 2003 release Daredevil.

4. Luke Evans

Fans consider Luke Evans as the best option to play Sinestro, but, isn’t he going to be a great Batman?

His attitude is right, and he has got the style as well as the enticing charm that takes over people. He can depict red hot rage on screen as well, and that makes us believe that he can manage Batman very well.

5. Gerard Butler

You don’t need to pitch a lot for this guy. His age is similar to Ben, and he has the physique that suits the role. No wonder he will effortlessly slip into the Batman’s shoes.

300 proved Gerard’s ability to be a truly fearsome and nasty guy. If there is one guy who perfectly fits the bill of someone tasked with keeping the Gotham city criminals hunkered down then it has to be Gerard Butler.

6. Matt Damon

This one is easy to predict.

Matt Damon is a close buddy of Ben Affleck, and over the years they have become quite similar in persona as well. Their style is similar, and they can slip into the same roles besides being A list actors.

We saw Matt’s prowess as an actor in a dramatic role in The Martian, and his action scenes in the Bourne franchise prove his suitability to the action oriented role of Batman as well.

However, we wonder if this could affect the friendship between these two stars?

7. Christian Bale

Christian Bale is already a favorite as Batman due to his tremendous first stint as the Gotham City protector, and it would be fascinating to see him return as the Dark Knight.

Although, he might not be interested in playing Batman without Christopher Nolan’s direction, a solid script and a tempting paycheck are quite capable of helping him make up his mind.

The only thing for him to work out is to get rid of that irritating bat-voice and he is automatically the best available option.

8. Michael Fassbender

Fassbender has spent years as Magneto, and that is ample proof of his prowess as an on screen portrayal of a legendary comic book character. He is a great mix of subtle behavior and burning rage which made him suitable as Magneto and even deadlier as Batman.

Just imagine how he would pick up some baddie and extract information out of him through his ways of interrogation. That would be fascinating to see him use force and intellect as a detective style Batman and a first in its own way. He will also make his version of Batman the most emotion centric Batman that we have ever seen and that is not a bad thing at all.

9. Hugh Jackman

He makes the list simply riding on the performances as Wolverine. He has displayed grit, physique and action and all that would make a good Batman. The fact that Batman is slightly easier on the body compared to Wolverine works in Hugh’s favor.

When it comes to playing an emotionally disturbed hero, Jackman is second to none. Thus, it would be good to give him another shot.

10. Matt Bomer

The youngest of all options on this list, Matt Bomer doesn’t lack one bit as far as the embodiment of Batman goes. This young star has a perfect physique that would make him an ideal Bruce Wayne, and his work has been appreciated in The White Collar.

He might not come across as the exact replacement for Ben Affleck, but, is certainly a great fit for the character. There will be some need for the studio to modify the storyline for the films with him in mind, but, that’s something worth a shot.

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