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1 Million People Have Watched This Girl’s Reaction On Rogue One’s Darth Vader Scene.

1 Million People Have Watched This Girl’s Reaction On Rogue One’s Darth Vader Scene.

You must have seen people shedding tears on some emotional movie scenes, but the video of this girl screaming and crying at the Darth Vader and Leia’s Rogue One ending has taken the Internet by storm. Star Wars fans have gone berserk as over 600k of them have watched the video in the past few days.

The video of Brinley Vandenberghe while watching the emotional ending of Star Wars: Rogue One for the first time was secretly shot by one of her friends and uploaded online. The poor woman would have hardly had any idea that her over-the-top emotions would make thousands of people relate to her situation.

Brinley had been on her Mormon mission and thus wasn’t able to watch any movie as Missionaries aren’t allowed to watch TV or go to the cinemas. Thus, her epic reactions were much anticipated by his friend Stephen Smoot, who had shot the video.

Brinley is already in tears because of the devastating deaths of Jyn Erso and her team when the video begins. The emotions of the overwhelmed fan intensify over the next few minutes and reach its peak when Darth Vader is finally unleashed in all his glory.

All her woeful tears turn into a touch of joy the moment she realizes the transition of the scene into “A New Hope” after watching young Leia face the camera. She screams out “this is so wicked!” to wrap up all her emotions. She ends up laughing after realizing all her emotions have been caught in a camera secretly.

Brinley is glad to see the response she’s got from the fans and media. She wants more people to see it and realize what Star Wars means to its fans. While talking to, she said,

“I have loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember. This whole video is just so funny for me to rewatch and see others’ reactions to because what you see in it is completely me! I hope even more people can see this video and be inspired to watch Star Wars; to take it a little more seriously, considering how much it means to so many people, including me.”

A few comments accusing the video of being fake also came up eventually as not everyone was ready to accept that those reactions were real. However, they were answered by the man who shot the video, Stephen Smoot. He said,

“I’ve known Brinley for a while now and know how much of a fan she is. So it wasn’t really surprising to me that she would react to such a powerful, emotional scene like the ending of Rogue One. And yes, having seen Rogue One many times before, I figured the Vader scene at the end would be the one that she would react so strongly to, and so that would be the one to capture.”

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