“Sons of Anarchy” spinoff Troubled? Project Undergoing Reshoot and Recasting, Say Reports


The Kurt Sutter helmed follow up project to the FX hit drama “Sons of Anarchy” seems to be stuttering with starting troubles. Several reports in the media claim that the series “Mayans MC” is set to undergo cast changes as well as reshoots just before its scheduled premiere.

Deadline reported that the new casting has to be accommodated by making some changes in the pilot co-written by Sutter and some portions need to be shot again. The process of recasting is currently underway, and there is not yet any clarification on the people joining the cast or for that matter if anybody currently listed is going to leave. As reported earlier by The Wrap, the earlier announced cast included JD Pardo, Edward James Olmos, Richard Cabral, John Ortiz, Antonio Jaramillo and Clayton Cardenas.

This spinoff was set in a period post the “Sons of Anarchy” finale and features a gang different than the one that had appeared in earlier episodes of the series, who go on doing their business on the border between California and Mexico.

It is being reported that Sutter has been replaced as director by Norbert Barba (Grimm). Barba has also recently directed episodes for “Preacher” and “The Strain.”

Sutter had already told the fans of this imaginary biker world that he wants to have a lighter involvement in “Mayans MC” compared to his responsibilities in “Sons of Anarchy.” He, however, stated that he wishes that the spin-off justified the original series loved by the fans.

 “I look at it as the next chapter of a bigger mythology,” he said during an interview with the Vulture last May. “The world has to feel familiar enough for people to tap into it, and yet I don’t want it to feel derivative or the Latino version of ‘Sons.’”

Sutter has been associated with FX Network for a long time and has executed projects like  “The Shield” and “The Bastard Executioner.”


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