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Sara Zwangobani is an Australian actress with a background in theater. She also works as a high school English teacher in Australia due to a teacher shortage. Sara loves teaching and continues to do it alongside her acting career.

Sara plays the role of Marigold Brandyfoot in Amazon Prime’s The Rings of Power a prequel to The Lord of the Rings films. The series takes place thousands of years before the movies. In The Rings of Power, Marigold Brandyfoot is a Harfoot, which is an ancestor of the hobbits. Marigold is known for her warmth, wisdom, and caring nature. She brings a sense of family and community to the series, showing just how important these values are in the Harfoot storyline.

Sara’s theater experience has helped her in this fantasy role. Her training in Shakespeare and voice work made it easier for her to bring Tolkien’s rich language to life. Besides acting, Sara is a proud mother of a young daughter. She is passionate about representation and is thrilled that her daughter will see faces of color in a world she loves.

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Sara Zwangobani sexy pictures
Sara Zwangobani sexy pictures
Sara Zwangobani hot pictures
Sara Zwangobani hot pictures

Sara Zwangobani sexy

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Sara Zwangobani hot

Sara Zwangobani hot pic

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