Report: ‘Justice League’ Screener Attendees Call Film “Epic”


There are just a couple of months to go for the release of latest Warner Bros. production Justice League and they have started with the trials of the movie. We heard that recently some extremely lucky fans enjoyed a special screening of the Justice League by Joss Whedon. Assuming that Batman News figured things correctly, the film has turned out to be incredible.

They explored the DCEU fans on Twitter and spotted some of those who had attended the screening. Those fans on the condition of anonymity, stated that the film was incredible.

“Spoke to 3 people who attended the #JJustice League test screening. They loved it! “Epic”. One person didn’t like BvS/SS but loved JL,” Batman News stated.

Although fans would still tread cautiously. While it has been verified that the special screening did happen, however, those fans who had proof of attending the film said that they have signed not to reveal a word about the film.

“We signed out lives away promising not to discuss any details of Justice League,” Robert Manion said on Twitter. “Bragging that I saw it early is all you’ll get outta me!”

It is unusual to see Warner Bros. hold a screening of Justice League so early, however, the film has witnessed many significant alterations. Joss Whedon came in to take care of the film after the exit of Zack Snyder from the project at post production stage. Afterwards, a lot of major reshoots took place and as per rumors sizeable chunks of Justice League have been changed.

Since the film witnessed so many changes, the studio has a valid reason to test it so soon. The multi character movie has a lot at stake and it is being touted to be the make or break film for the DCEU. Before the success of Wonder Woman this summer, DCEU has had several major disappointments and now they are hoping that Justice League will repeat the overwhelming success of the Amazonian Goddess movie.

Justice League releases in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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