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Maia was born in Boston but grew up in Buenos Aires. She started her career young, becoming famous for her role in the Nickelodeon Latin America show Kally’s Mashup. Her character in the Pretty Little Liars spinoff is called Noa Olivar. Noa is a high school track star with a tough past, including time in juvenile detention.

Noa is the only daughter of Marjorie Olivar, a nurse with her own troubles that heavily affect her daughter. To protect her mother from getting in trouble, Noa took the blame for drugs found in their home, which resulted in her being sent to juvenile detention. This sacrifice greatly impacts her life and changes her path.

Besides acting, Maia loves to sing. She finds music helps her connect with herself, especially when she was filming the series in upstate New York. Music has been a way for her to handle the loneliness and stress from her busy filming schedule.

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