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Mackenzie Tenold, a 25-year-old contestant on Love Is Blind Season 6, is known for being the tallest in the group at 6 feet. She has always been careful about choosing partners because of her height.

Mackenzie grew up in Iowa and went to the University of Iowa, where she graduated in 2019. She is really into makeup and has her own business, MakeUp x MackJo, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She loves how makeup can make women feel great about themselves.

In high school, Mackenzie was good at basketball. She joined Love Is Blind after trying out different dating apps without much luck. On the show, she is looking for a kind, understanding, and religious guy who wants to have kids someday. Mackenzie’s time on the show is all about finding someone to connect with who appreciates her for who she is, beyond physical appearances.

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