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Lea Salonga steps into the role of Elodie Honrada in the TV show Pretty Little Liars : Summer School. Elodie is a caring mother who has many secrets. She is very protective of her daughter, Minnie, played by Malia Pyles.

Elodie started becoming overly protective after something bad happened to her daughter, Minnie when she was very young, but the show hasn’t revealed what that is yet. This mystery is part of what makes Elodie’s character so important to the show. She’s also interesting because she is one of the few moms in the story, and there’s a lot we don’t yet know about her past, including how it connects to a friend’s mysterious death.

Elodie’s family life is unique too. She is married to Shirley, played by Kim Berrios Lin and both of them love Disney, which is why they lovingly call their daughter Mouse. Elodie is still dealing with her past while trying to be a good mom to Mouse. Lea Salonga, who plays Elodie, talks about how important it is for the show to have Filipino characters because it helps represent Filipino culture on American TV.

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Lea Salonga sexy pictures
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Lea Salonga hot pictures

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Lea Salonga sexy pics

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Lea Salonga hot pics

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