14 Sexiest Pictures Of Jessica Hahn

14 Sexiest Pictures Of Jessica Hahn

Sexiest Pictures Of Jessica Hahn. Jessica Hahn came to prominence in 1987 when she revealed that the head of PTL Satellite Network and Heritage USA, Jim Bakker, intoxicated and raped her when she was 21 in 1980. Jessica was employed as a church secretary.

Another preacher, John Wesley, knew the incident too. They gave her $279k to keep quiet, and PTL’s fund paid the quantity through Bakker. Bakker took all economic decisions for the PTL society. He held two sets of books to hide the account misdeeds.


Jessica Hahn sexy pictures
Jessica Hahn sexy pictures

After the revelation, Bakker resigned from his post.  In his 1997 book, I Was Wrong, Bakker demanded that he was set up and the sex was consensual. After the incident, Jessica became renowned, and she posed nude for Playboy in 1987 and 1989. Jessica also appeared in a few television shows, including Married with Children.


Jessica Hahn hot pictures
Jessica Hahn hot pictures

In 1992, Jessica had the role of Marilyn in the television series Bikini Summer II. She made an appearance as a reporter in Dream On in 1992. That year, Jessica also played the role of a girl in the series Blossom.

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Jessica Hahn hot pics

The actress appeared as Miss Taylor in the television series Unhappily Ever After in 1995. She worked as a host in the television shows Amanda and the Allen in 1995. The following year, Jessica was cast in the film Hollywood: The Movie in Esther’s role.


Jessica Hahn hot pic

She took birth on 7th July in 1959 in Massapequa, New York, in the U.S. She earned her graduate degree from Massapequa High School. She was in a relationship with the comedian Sam Kinison in 1988. Later in 1991, Jessica started to date Ron Leavitt, and she was with him until he died in 2008.


Jessica Hahn hot


Jessica Hahn sexy pic


Jessica Hahn sexy pics

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Jessica Hahn sexy





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