Gwendoline Christie Drops Game Of Thrones Bombshell While Reffering To Stripping On-screen


Gwendoline Christie confessed having been relieved when she was told that she won’t have to strip on Star Wars and Game of Thrones and not needing to show much flesh, during a brand new interview.

The 39-year-old actress who portrays Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones talked about the first issue of British Vogue with new editor Edward Enninful.

Christie explained in response to a question about getting to play Captain Phasma in Star Wars:“When I was taken to the top-secret wardrobe department to see my Captain Phasma costume – a shiny, full-body suit of armor – I was truly electrified.

“The concept of a female character in a huge film like Star Wars, whose flesh we are denied from the outset, felt fresh and exciting. A suit of genderless armor for a female character shouldn’t have felt new, but it did.”

She also talked about her role in Game of Thrones: “Can this really exist in a mainstream television show?”

She further added, “For me, Brienne’s inner vulnerability coupled with her physical and moral strength, culminating in triumph for a typically marginalized female character, was enormously appealing.

“As was the opportunity to portray a female character who possesses none of the classically beautiful attributes society worships in women; one who has an alternative, non-sexualised way of being as a female, where the pursuit of romantic love is not at her center. She felt like a bolt of lightning.”

The latest interview of Gwendoline comes after her teasing about a potential love affair between Brienne and Tormund Giantsbane, and she hinted that it might be seen in Season Eight.

She was speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers when she narrated the troubles of working with her funny co-star and said: “I’m a classically trained actress, but this is the one time I just dissolve.

“No one told me this was going to happen. All it says in the script is ‘Tormund gives Brienne a look.’

“I wasn’t expecting the power, the magnitude, the intense sexual intentions to pour out of a man’s eyes and just cover me completely.”

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