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Ella Purnell stars as Lucy MacLean in the Prime Video series Fallout, which is based on the popular video game. Ella started her career in the performing arts at a young age, attending prestigious schools like the Sylvia Young Theatre School and performing on London’s West End. Ella first caught the public’s eye with roles in films like Never Let Me Go and Maleficent. And her role in the survival drama series Yellow jackets earned her critical acclaim for her portrayal of a complicated, multidimensional character.

In the show, Lucy is a bold and independent character who lives in a futuristic, post apocalyptic world. Unlike many female characters in similar stories, Lucy is open and assertive about her desires. The story starts in Vault 33, a shelter where Lucy has been living under the strict watch of her father.

She is excited about the possibilities of love and life, even in a controlled environment. Her journey crosses paths with Maximus, a character from the Brotherhood of Steel who is unsure of his purpose. Together, they navigate a world filled with challenges and changes, questioning traditional roles and expectations.Ella Purnell is able to capture Lucy’s strength and her ability to be both powerful and vulnerable, which adds depth to her

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