22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Elena Goode That Will Expose A Different Side

22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Elena Goode That Will Expose A Different Side

Born and raised in New York City, Elena Goode trained at the famous LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts and later studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including a significant role in As the World Turns and the film Elliot Loves.

In the Pretty Little Liars spin off, Elena plays Marjorie Olivar, a single mother with a haunting past. Years ago when Marjorie attended Millwood High School, she was part of a popular group of friends, but they were involved in a tragic event that led to another student’s suicide. As someone who grew up loving scary movies, Elena found this role perfect because it’s similar to the thrillers she enjoyed as a child.

Elenas character now works as a waitress at Pinball Pizza. Marjorie loves her daughter, Noa, very much and does her best to keep her safe, but she faces her own problems. She has struggled with addiction to prescription drugs, which she once took from the hospital she worked at. This action caused her to lose her job and made her life harder.

In the show, Marjorie’s story focuses on her trying to correct her mistakes and become a better person. She wants to protect her daughter and make things right for the things she did in the past. Her path involves confronting the truth about her high school years, tackling her drug problem, and finally deciding to go to rehab to improve her life.

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Elena Goode sexy pictures
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Elena Goode hot pictures

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Elena Goode hot pics

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Elena Goode sexy pics

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