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Charlee is from Newcastle, New South Wales, and has been successful in modeling before trying acting. She stars as Mary Jabassa in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, this is actually her first acting role, and she stars alongside big stars like Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor- Joy. She says working on Furiosa was an amazing experience and she had to learn many new skills for the role, like using firearms, martial arts, and horse riding.

In the movie, Charlee character Mary Jabassa, is Furiosa’s mother. Even though Charlee and Anya Taylor- Joy did not have scenes together, they met on set and had a warm exchange.  Charlee mentions in an interview that she especially enjoyed working with Chris Hemsworth, describing him as cool, professional, and very nice. He gave her valuable advice that helped her a lot on set.

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Charlee Fraser sexy pictures
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