6 Actors Considered For The Upcoming Beastmaster Reboot.


The epitome for the sword and sorcery flicks, The Beastmaster released back in 1982, is on its way for a reboot at the big screen. Tim Burton has acquired the rights for the movie, plus the script writing process has already been finished and finalized. Tim wants to bring this movie to the theaters in early 2018 and aims to start the shooting this winter. He has already selected some A and B lister actors for this film. The original Beastmaster was a B-movie that got decent reviews, but it managed to build a loyal cult following. According to Tim, the character of Beastmaster has a lot of depth, and he said that in this movie the world of Beastmaster will be incredibly vivid and will give the audience a very 80s B-Movie vibes. He wants to use minimalistic CGI and maximum props for this movie. He wants to bring back the aura of 80’s once again to the silver screen. Here are the names of the considered actors for the major roles in the movie:-

1. Jai Courtney – Dar


2. Scarlett Johansson – Kiri


3. Christoph Waltz – Maxx


4. Dolph Lundgren – King Zed


5. Djimon Hounsou – Seth


6. Ayelet Zurer – Zed’s Queen


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