10 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Disappointing

6. It Reuses Old Ideas

Force Awakens duplicates the key ideas of the first trilogy. The worst part is the Han Solo – Kylo Ren relationship. This is a cheap knockoff of the father – son battle of Luke Skywalker and his dad Anakin, otherwise known as Darth Vader. In fact, even the scene where the two meet is a duplicate of Luke’s notorious meeting with Vader, complete with one side refusing to collaborate with the other. Luke Skywalker basically plays the part of Yoda from the first trilogy, as the secluded Jedi Master that the hero needs to reach and get training from.


5. Devalues The Result Of The Original Trilogy

After the initial 20 or so minutes of the film, my main thought was “well, I suppose this implies everything Luke, Han, and the entire original trilogy characters fought for amounted to nothing”. As it is, it would seem that the Empire is still around, though under an alternate name, and they seem to have the numerical and technological advantages over the good folks. This, coincidentally, is practically a duplicate of the Rebel Alliance. Except that they’re known as the Resistance and Leia is their pioneer. In the meantime with Luke exiled, the Jedi have all the earmarks of being in a similar state to when the Empire was in power. Clarifying things after the original trilogy would’ve truly helped here.


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