10 80’s Toys That Are Currently Worth A Fortune!

8. Mint Condition Cabbage Patch Baby – Sold For: $995

It was first known as “Little People” when the brand was initially launched in 1978. Coleco started mass production of the dolls under the name Cabbage Patch Kids in 1982. The dolls rapidly got to be one of the greatest trends of the ’80s. Furthermore, they served as popular gifts amid holidays. In fact, during the Christmas season 1983, the demand was so high that people actually fought for getting them. There were various instances of individuals trampling, hitting and utilizing handheld weapons as a way to guarantee they got themselves a Cabbage Patch Kid. Thankfully sites like Ebay now permit you to do majority of your shopping from your lounge chair.


7. Garbage Pail Kids: Adam Bomb – Sold For: $1,000

The Topps Company initially released the Garbage Pail Kids in 1985. These are another ’80s craze that is still going on. The Garbage Pail Kids were really made as a spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kids. This got Topps sued by Coleco for infringement of copyright. At the top of their fame the Garbage Pail Kids franchise had its own particular film and a 13 episode TV series that never released in the US because of feedback of its supposed “glorification” of brutality and the way it depicted crippled people. The series’ most famous card, Adam Bomb was utilized on numerous series’ packs and in advertisements making it the most conspicuous.


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