Who Will Win In Batman Vs The Hulk? Michael Keaton Knows The Answer


Superhero battles are one of the best ice-breakers in a nerdy conversation, and also to start a fight, with the fans of the comic books. Therefore, let’s unleash another debate based on Michael Keaton’s belief that Batman can defeat The Hulk: done and dusted.

The question is not probably as outlandish as one might think. Once Keaton was talking to ABC News Radio, and he revealed that such a question has come up repeatedly. To give his official verdict, the former Batman gave the following reply.

Everyone needs to stop asking the question of who could beat up who. Batman kicks everybody’s ass. And if they won’t, I will, Bruce Wayne will.

You can’t be sure whether Michael Keaton was toying with his response, or he was serious, but, let’s assume he was because Keaton still considers his Batman portrayal to be a highly esteemed one. There was a time when he was asked about whether he felt bad about actors such as Ben Affleck playing the role of the Dark Knight at present. For Keaton, there was no question of being jealous or anything as he is still the Batman. Therefore, taking his response into consideration, let’s imagine a Batman v Hulk fight.

They are quite evenly matched, but, Batman has a great advantage due to his wit, his combat training, and gadgets. He might have already planned for a battle with a Gamma radiated monster and has a good idea about how to contain the Hulk’s strength. On the other hand, Hulk tore open an Iron-Man suit in The Avengers. Therefore, it is obvious that he can withstand Batman’s gadgets. The end of their fight might leave Bruce Wayne unprotected and unarmed.

Hulk is incredibly powerful. Therefore, we don’t even believe that it will be a fair battle. As stated earlier, Bruce Wayne might have already figured out a way to calm down his anger and to make him timid. Despite our respect for Dr. Banner and his alter ego, we have to agree to Keaton that Batman has an edge in the battle. We can debate all the time about the winner in a fight between Batman and The Hulk, but, there is no debating Michael Keaton’s logic that Bruce Wayne would put the beast back into his corner.

Therefore, let’s assume this debate needs a counter from Mark Ruffalo, and we have an idea about what he should say. We can only say that the Jimmy Kimmel Live writers need to join Ruffalo to make a superb viral video featuring him as The Hulk and singing Wesley Willis’ song “I Whupped Batman’s Ass.”

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