We Might Soon See Another Super Saiyan Transformation


We all have waited for so long for another transformation of Goku. Every time the Saiyan begins powering up during a battle, we have our hopes high, only to get disappointed again. But it looks like our wait is soon to be over. The show “Dragon Ball Super” is currently in the middle of Universe Survival saga, and the ever-increasing intensity of battle has led fans to speculate that Goku would need another transformation to keep up. And now we have confirmation.

In the latest issue of V-jump, we get our first look at the new transformation which is widely speculated as the next Super Saiyan level. In the image, we see Goku standing battle-ready, with most of his uniform torn. His hair is still black (unlike the golden color characteristic to Super Saiyans), but other significant changes cannot be ignored.

In this transformation, Goku seems to be surrounded by a white-aura instead of the usual yellow one. Also, his eyes appear to have turned a shade of silver, which is the first time. Some speculate that the color swap is a nod towards Zamasu, and foreshadows Goku’s transformation (eventually) into a Kai.

The magazine did attach a short description regarding the new look, but it hardly explains anything regarding the plot. We tried to find the translation, which roughly means:

“A certain transformation appears in the latest visual…?! Finally, a visual where Goku faces forward! His eyes shine silver, and he wears a stern expression.”

Fans were expecting a new transformation ever since the Tournament of Power began. Earlier this year, the team of Dragon Ball Super released a poster that had Goku with his back to us, heralding a new power transformation. We still have no confirmation regarding the episode in which this look would debut, so fans would have to hold their breath while Goku reaches another level of Super Saiyan.


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