We Are Finally Getting An X-Men And Avengers Crossover


There is just way too much going on with Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox Studios. Brace yourselves for this exciting news– soon fans will get to see X-men and Avengers cross-over on screen.

Though this is not as definite, from what we have heard, there is a release day of 2020 for this movie. For the past years, we have seen Marvel do almost everything after the recent crossover of Spiderman into MCU from Sony.

There are also chances that we may see Netflix series, Legion coincide with X-men movies. Many references have been made where Prof X has been mentioned in the Legion series. We can expect Patrick Stewart in a cameo in this series.

“Marvel TV head, Jeph Loeb said in a recent interview – This one is particularly complicated as I’ve tried to explain. It isn’t because the Marvel universe isn’t connected because it is. In this particular case, I think this audience is sophisticated enough to know that the X-Men characters live in the Fox world and [Marvel TV] live in a different world. Obviously, the fact that I’m sitting here is an indication of bridges that are being made – people like Lauren [Shuler Donner] are facilitating that and making that happen, and John Landgraf who’s the head of FX, who’s very involved.”

Adding to this, Jeph had stated that the series and Marvel movies are connected, and this means Legion exists in MCU and Fox’s X-Men Universe –

“What it really boils down to is that Marvel heroes at their core are people who are damaged, are people that are trying to figure out who they are in life and that doesn’t matter whether or not they’re X-Men characters or they’re Matt Murdock or they’re Tony Stark or they’re Peter Parker – that’s where it starts. We’re much more interested in the person that’s inside the mask as opposed to the mask or the cape.”

“So if you start at a place as strong as David Haller’s character and you have a storyteller like Noah, then that’s Marvel, and in that way, it is all connected. We’re all approaching it from a place which is how do we make it something that you – because you guys at the end of the day know what it is more than anybody else. So we just want something that has truth to it. So if what you just watched feels like Marvel, then it is all connected, and that’s really what matters.”

With this said, we know that Fox is privy about the property and there are no chances that they will let go of X-Men and share the screen time. But we heard the same a couple of years ago when Sony and Spiderman were in the same situation.

Fans know that MCU can make this work by working through different dimensions. If Multi-Verse exists and characters can time travel between them, anything can happen.

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