Wayne’s World 3 – 3 Actors Currently in Talks For the Sequel.


Recently, it was announced that 80’s comedy-buddy-movie hit “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Journey” is getting a sequel, and looks like it’s Christmas for “Dudes & Rock & Roll” genre because we may even get to see a Wayne’s World sequel by the end of 2018. Both Mike Meyers & Dana Carvey recently confirmed that they are interested in doing a sequel, plus their particular skit on SNL as their Wayne’s World character was very received by the audience last year.
Paramount studio was getting bombarded by unsolicited scripts for Wayne’s World 3 from by a plethora of random writers from past decades, and according to Metro News finally they have decided to bring back the original writing team of Bonny & Terry Turner. In fact, they have been unofficially working on a script for past 1.5 years, and they already have something on the table that’s approved by that’s almost Paramount. The movie is going to be a sequel set in current times, and we will see an aged version of our favorite characters from Wayne’s world. This film is also going to have tons of cameos from Hollywood and crazy references to the superhero movies/pop-culture. Here are the names of the characters/Actor who will surely be in the movie:-

1. Mike Myers As Wayne Campbell

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