Watch The Ghostbusters Movie From The Ghost’s Perspective


Not a lot has been revealed on Sony’s animated Ghostbusters since it was announced in 2015, but it may go for a different approach from the previous installments; namely, audiences may watch these events unfold from the point of the view of the ghost rather than the humans.

According to That Hashtag Show, there are plans for the film to revolve around the Ghost with Ghostbusters as supporting characters. No other information like cast or which Ghost it will focus on has been revealed.

Sony’ aim is for the film by Fletcher Moules to be similar to the Real Ghostbusters cartoon from the ’80s and ’90s, which is responsible in large part for Slimer becoming the iconic Ghost that he is. If the studio follows through with the approach, it may provide audiences with an interesting turn on the Ghostbusters movie formula and will be a great marketing tool that Sony can flaunt with Slimer and the Ecto-1.

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