Was Zack Snyder Fired from ‘Justice League’?


It was one of the biggest shockers last year when it was reported in May that Zack Snyder had exited Justice League to take care of personal issues, and Joss Whedon was taking over the directorial responsibilities. Snyder’s daughter had committed suicide, and it was a terrible time which understandably would force anybody to shift focus from work to the family. That was the official story since Snyder’s exit in May; now it has been revealed that Zack Snyder was in fact fired from Justice League.

The famous entertainment reporter Josh L. Dickey is retiring and has now got into a blaster mode. Therefore, he revealed that Snyder was in fact removed in January or February, more than three months prior to the news breaking out about his exit from Justice League.

In fact, similar things had been stated by various sources throughout 2017, and people had said that Snyder’s rough cut of Justice League was ‘unworthy of being watched.’ Even if that is a lie, but, there is a lot more to this news because rough cuts can be fixed by reshoots, rewrites, CGI and so on.

Then why was this news concealed so far? Due to the fact that Snyder was also handling the personal tragedy. It might not have been why he abandoned Justice League, but, nobody wanted to further trouble someone whose child had just died. The truth is important, but, why Snyder exited wasn’t such an important news because it didn’t change the result, he was out of Justice League, and Joss Whedon was in charge.

It is a heart-breaking matter, and we just hope that Snyder, once he has recovered fully, will narrate his version of things that took place during his DCEU run. We all would want to hear his take on things for sure.

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