Was That A Secret Appearance From Shazam In ‘Justice League’?


Last weekend saw Justice League arrive in cinemas and finally laying to rest all rumors about the various DC characters to feature in the movie. Even though we didn’t see an upcoming DCEU hero feature in the film, we wonder if he made a secret cameo?

Alert: Spoilers ahead for Justice League and if you haven’t seen the film till now then be aware.

Justice League begins with a sequence of Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Cavill) being interviewed for a podcast by a little child. We didn’t get to see the kid as the scene was picturized via cell phone camera. However, a lot of people wonder if that kid was Billy Batson aka Shazam?

DC fans are aware that Shazam! will release in 2019 and Zachary Levi/Asher Angel will play the dual roles of the hero. It is true that Shazam! is at a very early stage of production to believe that the Justice League scene is linking to that film, but, it is not impossible.

The comic books show Billy being deeply rooted in the radio world and his first comic appearance showed him as a con-air radio reporter. The initial Captain Marvel comics rapidly took up this symbol and showed the young Billy reporting the various issues via his WHIZ radio mic. Therefore, to give it a modern context alongside providing fans a quirky, childish voice over for Shazam!is a goal well achieved by showing Billy having his own podcast.

If Billy happened to be the child interviewing Clark, then it would also conform to one of Shazam’s biggest rumors about his connection with Superman. They have teamed up many times in DC Comics, and some people believe that Cavill might play a role in his movie in some way. If Billy or let’s say young Billy knew Superman then it would establish a good connection between the two grown-up heroes. (Similar to the now confirmed Aquaman Easter egg that we saw in Man of Steel).

It doesn’t matter if Cavill doesn’t show up in Shazam!as this underplayed link to Billy might still make an impact on the movie. Early audition tapes have suggested that both Billy, as well as Freddy Freeman aka Shazam Jr, consider Superman to be an idol and Billy has an “Ark of the Covenant!” filled with Superman’s merchandise. Linking the podcast scene to Shazam!would only be a proof of that hero-worship and will also make a very lovable Easter egg.

You can watch Justice League in theaters now.

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