Venom Updates: Producer Keeping Secrets While Hardy Performs Street Antics!


Sony’s Venom is under production, and the film’s producer Matthew Tolmach can’t just stop gushing over Tom Hardy’s work as Eddie Brock.  The movie is approaching Brock’s narrative from a different perspective, probably taking some cues from Flash Thompson’s Agent Venom: Lethal Protector arc from the comic books.

Tolmach gave an MTV red-carpet interview recently during the premiere of the Jumanji remake, and said, “We’re making a Venom movie, is what I’m going to say to you,” sidetracking from responding to Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) role in the story. “A Venom movie, with Tom Hardy, and I think you will be very pleased.”

Spider-Man became a part of the MCU after Marvel Studios, and Sony worked out an agreement. It is quite possible that Tolmach is keeping some secret related to Spider-Man’s impact on the story. He might not be willing to talk about Spider-Man’s absence from the movie.

During an interview with FilmStarts, Producer Amy Pascal had stated that Spider-Man: Homecoming exists in the same cinematic universe as the underproduction Venom and also hinted at a possible spin-off of Silver & Black. But, Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios promptly stated that the only Sony character existing in MCU is the web-slinger. As reported by, Venom, Black Cat, Silver Sable and other characters of the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe won’t play any part in the MCU.

Tolmach happily shared more information about Tom Hardy’s character in Venom, despite his being placed in (or out of) a cinematic universe. “Tom, it’s like a master class watching him act every day, and he’s such a risk-taker,” said Tolmach. “And he loved this character from the day that we first met with him. My partner, Avid Arad, and I, we found someone who just believes in this character entirely, and yet every day pushes it to a place that us mere mortals would never expect it to go,” Tolmach further said.

There is a new video of Tom Hardy from Venom set in Atlanta. It seems that he has adapted very well to play the role of Eddie Brock, imitating the character’s physical difficulties with the alien symbiote, Klyntar.

The video features Hardy grappling to prevent the symbiote from taking over his body completely, making weird movements, and continuously assuring passersby that he is alright. His actions appear to be spastic and hilarious, which indicate that the movie will have some comic elements woven into the plot. You can check out the video below, courtesy Just Jared.

Ruben Fleischer is directing Venom, based on a script written by Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg. The movie’s cast includes Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate. The film will release in theaters on October 5th, 2018.

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