22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Valorie Curry That Will Change Your Perspective


Born and raised in the United States, Valorie always had a passion for acting. She is known for her strong performances in different TV series like The Following, The Tick and Veronica Mars. She also did the voice and motion capture for the character Kara in the video game Detroit: Become Human.

Valorie plays the role of Firecracker in the Amazon Prime series The Boys Season 4. Fun fact, this role has been created just for the show, bringing something fresh and exciting to the story. Firecracker has superhuman hearing and great shooting skills, she usually carries a Glock17 gun. She is also described as having a short temper, that suits her name, doesn’t it?

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Valorie Curry sexy pictures
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Valorie Curry hot pictures

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Valorie Curry hot pics

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