Two new trailers of Spiderman: Homecoming launched


Two new trailers of Spiderman: Homecoming are here and both of them are looking decent, however, a plethora of fans are complaining that the trailers are giving away the story too much, and they are pointing out the heavy low-quality CGI.

You don’t even need to squint your eyes to figure out if Spiderman is CGI’ed, it’s quite obvious. Even in the Captain America 3: Civil War, most of the Spiderman scenes were completely computer generated, but in this trailer, Spiderman’s moves are appearing too flimsy.

We all knew that Marvel-Disney movies are CGI slugfest but they are usually decent visually, on the other hand, in this trailer, most of the scenes with Spiderman are looking like a Playstation 4 cutscene.

The things that can save this movie is going to be the outstanding story arc and fantastic performances because the action scenes and the other audio-visual mirage were done extremely well in Amazing Spiderman 2, but still, that movie bit the dust.

Story Of Spiderman: Homecoming via the trailers!

The movie will be set in the events after the “Civil War”. This is how this movie is going to pan out, Peter parker gets the mutagenic powers, Tony Stark gets him a new suit to fight the local crime. Spiderman badly wants to be part of the big league, but Tony wants him to be in the field for longer and gather more experience before he can join the team of Avengers. Meanwhile, Vulture comes in and he starts doing typical evil stuff, Spiderman gets in a battle with him and gets beaten up by him brutally. Tony requests and warns Spidey to not get involved with villains like Vulture, and he should get back to stopping the petty crimes. This condescending behavior of Tony infuriates Peter and he wants to prove himself that he is ready for more dangerous challenges. Spiderman gets into the second bout with Vulture, only to be defeated by him but this time Spiderman also endangers lives of many civilians. Spiderman manages to save everybody, but this incident makes Tony angry and he takes away the enhanced Spider-suit from him. Peter’s confidence gets crushed, and he gives up the idea of being part of the Avengers or eve a superhero. Then, again Vulture starts to destroy properties in the city but this time Peter’s close family members or friends get in danger. Peter finds the inner strength to battle against the Vulture, and he beats him without the help of his technologically superior Spider suit. This selfless act of Peter impresses Tony and he decides to bring in the Spiderman into his team as an official Avenger. And yeah, there will be some standard teen drama involved throughout the movie.

Here are both the trailers, look at them by yourself.


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