Top 8 Mortal Kombat Movie Actors – Where are they now?


It would be really hard to believe if an 80’s kid says that he is a geek and haven’t played Mortal Kombat. That game glamorized fighting genre, with elaborate male and female characters and gory finishing moves that were so exhilarating that people spent hours of gameplay just to master those moves. Mortal Kombat released two movies that were decent enough to grab attention in the gaming community, but they weren’t a huge hit all across.
The first film is still considered best video-game-to-movie adaptation. Mortal Kombat 1 was able to reprise the real gist of the Mortal Kombat Universe in 2 hours of movie. However, the sequel was a total let-down, but let’s leave the bashing for the another article. Let’s have a look at the cast of the Mortal Kombat now, how well have they aged in all these years?

1. Shaolin- Robin Shou


2. Princess Kitana- Talisa Soto

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