Top 10 Hottest Doctor Who Companions


Doctor Who may not always be the handsome young man in his incarnations, but his charm endures each time. It is the same charm that seems to pull the hottest ladies towards him. The guy may be 953-years old, but he still got some moves!

Amidst the ups and downs of the show, one thing remained consistent: Our beloved Doctor will always find a hot girl to be his companion. It almost seems like the Doctor had some ulterior motives. But whatever be the case, we cannot deny one thing: those ladies were eye-candies. No doubt they rang a few bells in TARDIS.

However, not all beauties are created equal. Some were just sexy, while others were drop-dead gorgeous. It wasn’t easy to rank them; but with a heavy heart and tired arms, here is the list definitive list you were looking for:

10. Zoe Heriot
Actress: Wendy Padbury

9. Astrid Peth
Actress: Kylie Minogue

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