Top 10 Hot Animated Women Most Men Have Probably Day Dreamed About.


In today’s time animation is no longer the kids’ Saturday morning cartoon shows. Animation is now a big time business and what is being sold to the consumers is desire.

Adolescents and adults today can both openly admit about fantasizing and having crushes on many animated hot women. What would have once been branded as weird and unacceptable is now not just expected but is encouraged at certain times.

With these thoughts in mind, let us have a look at these hottest animated female characters that many men would simply give anything to spend an evening with.

10. She-Ra from the cartoon She-Ra

Television series and cartoons today are filled with female superheroes. These different heroines bring into light their own talents, skills and skimpy getups into this genre. But in the 1980s, the outstanding female cartoon heroine was She-Ra.

This female warrior, a princess, was brought into creation to balance the powerful genders in the He-Man franchise. Just as the hero He-Man moved about in his underwear, She-Ra’s costume didn’t exactly cover everything up either. She was portrayed in a dress that was so high that one could almost see her “Power of Eternia”. This dressing style and a powerful attitude turned her into a sex symbols in the 1980s.


9. Stripperella from the animated series Stripperella

It is difficult to conceive a sexy animated characters list without including the name of Stripperella. Since, her primary purpose is to be sexually enticing and with a given name like Stripperella, it is not difficult to imagine the intended and targeted audience behind this piece of work.

Erotica Jones, by profession, is a stripper by day and a crime-fighting super heroine by night. She turns into an action packed vixen who is super-spy. This amazing gadgets wielding heroine, Stripperella, is like a sexy female version of James Bond.


8. Elsa from the movie Frozen

Most dads out there with young kids have certainly seen Frozen probably hundreds of times with their children. This could be one of the reasons why queen Elsa has become one of the latest animated female characters to reach a sex symbol status.

This particular queen of ice has all of a sudden managed to freeze herself into the fancies of a lot of men. It is actually understandable, seriously, if we are made to see one single movie again and again, then there must be something in it for us adults too, right?

Whatever the reason be, this new Disney princess is in town and she is gradually taking over our hearts.


7. Ariel from the cartoon Little Mermaid

An age old questions comes to mind when one of the most popular female cartoon characters, Ariel, is discussed: How would the sex work? Is human sex even possible? We are yet to find an answer to these weird questions, but the fact of the matter is, does it actually matter?

The answer is sincerely no. The practicalities of getting intimate with a real mermaid has got nothing to do with the fancies and the fantasies. Especially, when such an amazing character is portrayed on screen based on the personality and physique of the gorgeously stunning Alyssa Milano.

This joyful and sexy mermaid is not only an exotic and mythical creature, she is probably also one of the reasons why many men find red haired women irresistible.

6. Lois Griffin from animated sitcom Family Guy

When people were asked about who would be the animated sexiest mom on Television, there was a time, not very long ago, when the answer would have easily been Marge Simpson. However, today, that is no longer the case. Today, a new queen in the animated situational comedy world has come to light, and her name is Lois Griffin.

Just like Marge Simpson from the popular Television series – The Simpsons, Lois too falls under the normative sitcom format of a hot female being inexplicably married to, to put it delicately, someone a bit underneath her. It is hard to explain why this keeps happening but it somehow does happen.

Lois Griffin can be seen as sexy, loving, spunky and often putting herself in teasing situations for her own entertainment. With everything she has to put up with as a strong character, she probably has more patience than a saint. This gives her an advantage over Marge and would obviously make her most men’s fantasy wife.

5. Draenei from World of Warcraft

Probably only the hardcore players of World of Warcraft are familiar with Draenei. However, the very fact that there are a total of twelve million subscribers, it has now turned into one of the largest forums for animated hotness. Draenei belongs to an alien race that was forcefully driven out of their home world. The reasons for this are complicated and long and would be of real importance to the truly dedicated players of World of Warcraft.

The important fact here is the way she looks. She has blue skin with horns, a tail, hooves and a generous beautiful bosom. Draenei, probably could make even the most casual gamer sign up and subscribe very quickly because she is one very hot alien.

4. Daphne from the cartoon Scooby Doo

One of the first hot women from cartoons that had all of us tuning into the television every Saturday morning was none other the well-dressed Daphne from Scooby Doo. It seems Daphne started out in her life as the damsel in distress and didn’t particularly contribute much into the functioning of the gang. The purpose of her character was to just get captured by the bad guys and then she would rely on her boyfriend Fred to rescue her. It can be understood that Daphne was included in the cast purely as eye candy, not that anyone would be complaining. As the series gradually developed her character also seemed to move forward. With women’s liberation reaching its surface Daphne’s character slowly started to become better polished and fuller. This hot woman started standing out more independently and relied less on her friends for help. This change turned Daphne into one tough cookie.

3. Leela from the science fiction animation Futurama

Futurama is the brain child of Matt Groening, and it is one animated situational comedy which is out of the world. The plot centers around a delivery crew called Planet Express in the year 3000. The crew is led by the sexy ass-kicking female, Leela, who is also the spaceship captain and is a caring and kind character. She is a purple haired hot female who wears knee-high boots, tight pants and a low cut tank top. All these traits lead to her being chased after by every man she meets. These men,apparently, do not seem to mind the fact she is a one-eyed sewer mutant. Or, probably the cyclops look does actually work for them!

Whatever the reasons be, Leela is very popular with fans and she can be often found in many fan’s erotic art circulating online. This gives a clear idea about why Leela is so popular.


2. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Two signs can tell that your creations and medium have become popular and successful. First, when it is considered a sex symbol and secondly when it gets a makeover in Hollywood. This is exactly what happened with Lara Croft.

Lara Croft is a gun trotting adrenaline junkie. She is an intelligent, beautiful and athletic English archaeologist and adventurer who ventures into hazardous ancient tombs and ruins around the globe. Lara Croft was one of the first video game characters that had a cross over into the main stream media sex symbol status. Today, Lara Croft has become a cover girl icon all around the world.


1. Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

There is only one true queen when it comes to hot animated females. Jessica Rabbit is one of the ultimate sex symbols to be ever drawn. This is simply a fact.

The conception of Jessica Rabbit was inspired by the sexiest of Hollywood stars and modeled after the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth. No wonder she has one hot body that would make any man’s eyes pop right out of their sockets.

She has a distinct deep throated voice, her tone could soothe away all the pain in the world. Just like she has that perfectly drawn body to entice the masculine gaze, Jessica Rabbit also has a sensual, femme fatale character that makes her irresistible to any man – mortal or immortal.


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