Top 10 Badass Cartoon Heroines Of 80’s.


There was an expression worked in the 1980s for the elusive barrier that kept back ladies from climbing the higher rungs of corporate America: “the glass ceiling.” However, while real women were combating for the positions they merited, cartoon women were breaking the limitation and blasting through. They stood on an equal footing with their cartoon male partners, or even far above. Here are top10 ’80s cartoon women who taught young ladies and young men how badass women could actually be.

1) Lady Jaye/Scarlett, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Pardon me for including both of G.I. Joe: A Real American Heroes’ main female warriors in one section. However, in all actuality they were practically the same. They were both sergeants, both represented considerable authority in counterintelligence, both utilized one of a kind shot weapons (Scarlett had a crossbow, Lady Jaye threw javelins) and both easily beat Cobra many a times. Scarlett has led the Joe group over and over. Furthermore, she and Lady Jaye saved the world when the Baroness found a conch shell that oppressed men when she blew through it. What’s more, they both didn’t get caught as many times as the Duke.


2) Teela, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

For a show centred on a character named He-Man, the Masters of the Universe really did okay with its few female characters. The person accountable for Castle Grayskull was the Sorceress;Skeletor’scapable crony was Evil-Lyn. However,Teela was the show stopper. She was the adopted girl of Man-at-Arms and was an imposing warrior. Furthermore, she was bold though somewhat rash and she was the only person in the cartoon with the balls to give Prince Adam a piece of her mind for being useless, fainthearted and lazy. Furthermore, her mom was the Sorceress. This meant that she was eventually going to take charge of Grayskull. This was something far more important than being He-Man. Of course, Teela mostly had to stand around until He-Man came to save the day. However, so did all the male Masters of the Universe. Besides,Teela kicked much more ass without any extraordinary powers as compared to the males.


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