This New Slender Man Movie Poster Will Give You Goosebumps!


The Slender Man movie’s first official and extremely creepy poster is out on the web. In case the horror fans out there need more, the trailer is also coming out tomorrow. Slender Man has been vying for a cinematic version right from the time the famous creepypasta work was shared online in 2009, and finally, the time has come. We don’t have any footage right now, but, looking at this poster makes us feel that the movie is going to be really frightening.

This Slender Man poster is very basic, but, delivers the message well. It depicts the shadow of the hair-raising internet figure, hidden behind a wet window, and a few unnerving streak marks downwards. The title is splashed across the center, and that’s it. Even if you have no clue about Slender Man, this simplistic style does really well. We wonder if the Slender Man trailer will adopt the same strategy. We need to wait and find out. There is not much known about the film as of now, that’s why any speculation is meaningless presently.

Slender Man was launched as a creepypasta meme in 2009, on the Something Awful forum. This famous figure was the creation of Eric Knudson aka “Victor Surge,” and usually featured a slender, abnormally tall guy with a blank face devoid of any features. The creature is generally dressed in a black suit. Although there has been interest in a Slender Man movie earlier, it was difficult to spot who owned the rights. Many times, as exemplified by Slender Man, the artwork is crowdsourced and doesn’t belong to an individual or a group of people. That’s why it becomes difficult to find out about the ownership.

Sylvain White, renowned for Stomp the Yard, takes the horror leap by directing Slender Man which is scheduled to release on May 18. The film’s cast includes Jaz Sinclair, Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Annalise Basso, Alex Fitzalan, and Kevin Chapman. If you can recall the Marble Hornets YouTube series based on Slender Man, which was made in found footage, it will be great to find out if this film is inspired by that style, which was loved by a lot of people. We wonder if this would be found footage. Will it be a typical horror movie? More details will be revealed very soon.

HBO had come out with a documentary ‘Beware the Slenderman,’ last year while the character was linked to a couple of 12-year-old females who tried killing their friend and admitted having been encouraged to commit the act by Slender Man. This film is unlikely to dwell on that topic. However, it would make great viewing if they incorporate any real-world elements into it. While you wait for the trailer to come out, have a look at this new Slender Man movie poster, provided by IGN, below.

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