These 10 Marvel Comics Items Are Mightier Than The Infinity Gauntlet!


Infinity War is coming up, and we are bound to see the much talked about Infinity Gauntlet. However, there are several other weapons and tools that are far more powerful than an Infinity Gauntlet without all the six stones in place. Here we present to you ten such weapons:

The Cloak Of Levitation

The cloak took a bit of time to be established in the film. It is not known as to how it was created, but, its powers are well known. It is among the mightiest weapons in the MCU because it possesses its own mind that gets connected to anyone who wears it. Due to that, it not only protects but, also works as a strong ally who can help beat the enemy.

The Destroyer

The Destroyer was featured as the main weapons and defense mechanisms of Asgard in ‘Thor.’ He unleashed mayhem in Mexico and almost crushed the ice giants under its feet. Thor had to be in God-mode to beat the Destroyer. No doubt, he is among the deadliest weapons on display in Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Jarnbjorn is also called the “Wrecker of Worlds.” It is the ax that Thor had before he grew up to wield Mjolnir. He also made the weapon more powerful by blessing it with his own blood. The indestructible ax is mighty enough to slice through the armor of a cosmic entity. After Thor lost it, the ax was in possession of Kang the Conqueror who handed it over to the Apocalypse Twins. They killed a celestial with this weapon. Thor beat them and got the ax back. It was such a mighty weapon that Malekith had used it to chop Thor’s arm off.


Darkhold has been seen in the TV show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and it is a deadly weapon which is not just a primitive book mentioning spells and magic, but, has several secret powers as well. It can be mightier than an incomplete Infinity Gauntlet if used wisely.



Thanos’ Space Chair

Thanos is incredibly powerful, not just because of his Infinity Gauntlet, but, also due to his chair. His chair can unleash fire blasts and also help him travel across dimensions and space at the speed of light.


Mjolnir is among the most renowned weapons in Asgard, but, Odinsword is the ultimate. It was first seen in “Journey Into Mystery’ #117, created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Vince Colletta. The general belief is that if it is ever taken out, that would cause the end of the world and unleash Ragnarok. However, after the curse was eliminated, it was handed over to Thor to beat his evil uncle, Cul Borson (Serpent) who is famous as the God of Fear and it happens to be the only weapon capable of beating him.


Heimdall’s mighty sword is called Hofund. The sword is extremely powerful, and with its aid, Heimdall can summon cosmic forces to power his sword, the way he did with the flames of multiple stars. The sword’s magic powers allow Heimdall to morph into a human being when he visits Earth.

Heart Of The Universe

This is one weapon which can’t be matched in power with any other weapon or being. Just like the Infinity Gauntlet, The Heart of the Universe has also been used by Thanos who created several timelines by utilizing its power.  

Cosmic Cube

The 1966 comic Tales of Suspense #79 was the first time, The Cosmic Cube was seen, and it is an extremely powerful item which can not only manipulate but, control matter as commanded by creatures wielding it. The cube can grant wishes, and it requires expertise as well as a talented user to manage its reality altering capability. Also, the cosmic cubes have the capability of producing its own intelligence and powers sourced from those who used it. It can even negate the powers of cosmic being such as The Elders of the Universe or Stranger.

The Eye Of Agamotto

The Eye of Agamotto is Doctor Strange’s weapon of choice to beat his enemies. Not only that, the stone which is fixed in the Eye of Agamotto is the Time Stone which powers the Infinity Gauntlet.

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