The Punisher’s Transformation Into The Cosmic Ghost Rider


After many weeks of mystery, the fans now know how Frank Castle became the cosmic Ghost Rider after being the Punisher.

The Ghost Rider is a supporting character in the Thanos run by Geoff Shaw and Donny Cates. Although he was a servant of Galactus, he now serves Thanos. Initially, the question was “Who is the Rider?”

This question had been answered in a recent issue of Thanos where the Ghost Rider was introduced to the past Thanos as Frank Castle. The next question was how the Punisher wielded the Power Cosmic and those of the Ghost Rider, and he is now in the employ of Thanos.

We had known a small part of this story-Thanos killed Galactus, and this meant that Castle was left without a master. At this point, Frank joined Thanos. The preview to Thanos #16 had revealed how Frank Castle became Ghost Rider. It also explains that the Punisher was the last heroes during Earth’s final battle against the Mad Titan. When Frank Castle fell, he had reached out to ensure that he died with the gun in his hand and he even thought,

“I would give anything to punish that purple sonofab***h.”

And this was Mephisto’s cue. When the Punisher had died, the Lord of hell waited for him. The preview cuts off here, and we can assume that the Lord of Hell had given the Punisher powers of the Ghost Rider and this may have been an exchange for Castle’s soul.

This preview indicates that Frank makes three deals with three different devils. Mephisto will be the first and a deal with Galactus in order to get the Power Cosmic will be the second. Serving Thanos will be the third.

One can read the preview in the gallery. Thanos #16 will be on sale on February 28th.




  • The secret origins of King Thanos’ right-hand man, the cosmic spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider!
  • Just who IS this madman and how did he become allies with the most evil man in the Universe?

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