The MCU Has Just Passed A Huge Milestone At The Worldwide Box Office


With the box office success Black Panther is now having and Avengers: Infinity War on the horizon, it is surely difficult to imagine the MCU slowing down.

The Black Panther movie is on its way to $1 billion, and the MCU has passed $14 billion global milestone. The figure will grow, and many are believing that the best is still to come. Reaching the number is a huge testament to all who were involved in creating these movies and the fans who support this franchise.

When Disney had bought Marvel in 2009, a few critics had believed $4 billion price was too high. History is now proving that it might have been a steal looking at the way the franchises under the MCU are performing. With a plethora of great actors and top-notch directors who are given freedom to take risks, the MCU’s future is surely bright.

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