The Analysis Of An Epic Superman Vs Black Adam Battle


A colossal duel could be headed our way in the DCEU as Henry Cavill has renewed his contract to pay Superman while Dwayne Johnson has yet to confirm whether he will be playing Black Adam. The battle between the Rock’s Black Adam and Cavill’s Superman will be epic. As there is still time for the development to go into full swing let us review the ultimate winner among these two powerhouses.


The last son of Krypton landed in America as an infant when the planet was destroyed. He was raised on a farm in Kansas by Jonathan and Martha Kent and was given the name Clark Kent. Clark Kent goes on to become an extremely talented news reporter, and whenever there is trouble, he swoops in to save the day.

As Clark grew older, he begins to realize the potential of his superpowers and how he can use them to do good for humanity. A few of his superpowers include Strength, Speed and agility, X-ray vision, heat vision, freeze breath and the ability to fly faster than a speeding bullet. His only weakness is Kryptonite which weakens and could kill him. His wide ranges of abilities make him the most invincible superhero as long as there is no Kryptonite.

Superman can literally beat anyone provided he does not hold back. If he does, however, lose control of his mind during a battle, there is no one who can stand a chance.

Black Adam

Black Adam is an extremely powerful ancient Egyptian anti-hero who is attempting to clear his name. He was an Egyptian named Teth-Adam (Mighty Human), who was chosen by the wizard ‘Shazam’ to be his successor because of his presumed moral values. But, the soon went to his head, and he decided to overthrow Pharoah and has been fighting his way to the modern times ever since.

When Teth Adam says the magic word “Shazam”, he is transformed into Black Adam and is granted the powers of 6 Egyptian deities – the energy of Shu, the speed of Heru, , the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the magic powers of Aton, and the bravery of Mehen which makes him psychologically unbeatable.

Superman Vs. Black Adam: Death Battle

Black Adam is an extremely powerful individual and is a worthy opponent of Superman. Black Adam’s strength might be equal to, or even more than Superman as he is highly intelligent and more skilled in combat. Along with that, his magic gives him an edge over Superman.

Since Superman first instinct would be to hold back, it is likely he will be beaten by Adam. But is this fills Superman with immense rage, and he will start to fight back with all his strength, which is enough to level an entire planet. Adam’s ability to withstand extreme physical assault may allow him to last longer in this fight, although Superman’s strength and stamina and would take a toll on Adam in the long run.

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