Take A Look At The Cast Of “Orange Is The New Black” Out Of Their Jumpsuits


Sophia Burset made a whole lot of effort to bring in fashion at its best, but the ladies of Litchfield Correctional Facility simply lack style. However, in real life, the cast of “Orange Is the New Black” is surely not dowdy. They are epitomes of class, fashion and a whole lot of style.

Having gathered a few pictures of Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, Ruby Rose, Taryn Manning and rest of the cast, here is a gallery of the characters -in and out of jumpsuits. And wow, is there a difference!

These women look just oh-so-transformed and absolutely drop dead gorgeous. The difference in some of these women is just astonishing. Be prepared to be shocked by Blanca especially!

Why don’t you go through the pictures and see what we are talking about?

1. Julie Lake aka Angie Rice

2. Francesca Curran aka Skinhead Helen

3. Dale Soules aka Frieda Berlin

4. Kelly Karbacz aka Kasey Sankey

5. Rosal Colon aka Ouija

6. Asia Kate Dillon aka Brandy Epps

7. Emily Tarver aka CO McCullough

8. Dascha Polanco aka Daya Diaz

9. Danielle Brooks aka Taystee


10. Daniella De Jesús aka Cabrera

11. Shannon Esper aka Alana Dwight

12. Laura Gomez aka Blanca Flores

13. Blair Brown aka Judy King

14. Vicky Jeudy aka Janae Watson

15. Taryn Manning aka Pennsatucky

16. Adrienne C. Moore aka Black Cindy

17. Emma Myles aka Leanne Taylor

18. Jolene Purdy aka Stephanie Hapakuka

19. Amanda Stephen aka Alison Abdullah

20. Olivia Luccardi aka Jennifer Digori

21. Uzo Aduba aka Crazy Eyes

22. Emily Althaus aka Maureen Kukudio


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