Superman Protects Undocumented Immigrants From White Supremacists


A new DC Comics issue shows how Superman protects the unregistered immigrants from murderous and armed white supremacists. The comic has been superbly timed and hit the stores on Wednesday, September 13 which happened to be just a week after President Trump’s announcement of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy) which was a policy created by President Obama in 2012. This policy gave a time window to prevent the deportation of those people who enter the USA illegally as minors and then made them eligible for work permits.

A hard hitting scene depicts Superman standing as a shield to protect some immigrant workers from a hail of machine gun bullets fired by a white supremacist sporting an American flag bandana. This is Action Comics #987 titled, “The Oz Effect” and it was in headlines for uncovering the real identity of the mysterious Mr. Oz.

“Stop this,” Superman shouted at the gunman, who explained why he was firing on the illegal immigrant workers:

 “They ruined me! Stole from me!”

He held the workers responsible for his unemployment and Superman doesn’t accept that. He angrily replied to the gunman:

 “The only person responsible for the blackness smothering your soul – is you!”

No wonder, snaps from the comic have begun to circulate on Twitter in less than a day:

While we can consider this comic to be DC’s way of responding to the latest anti-DACA decision by President Trump, we can’t deny the fact that Superman has always been guarding the truth, justice and the American way of life. Therefore, it is obvious that he will take a stand on such political issues in volatile situations and at a time when ideological battle-lines are being drawn across the USA.

One more thing we need to take into notice is that it takes a good bit of time to write, draw, edit and then publish a Superman comic. Therefore, it is plausible that it had been in the works, months before the ruling by President Trump. It is just the timing which is a perfect coincidence. However, we can’t be sure about anything until DC issues a clarification:

This comic has been written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Viktor Bogdanovic while Nicholas Bradshaw designed the cover of the main comic while Mikel Janin did an alternative version of the cover. This piece about the gunman ended in his arrest, and the Superman told the cops that the immigrants are: “safe and cared for.” A police officer replies, saying, “Anything you say, Superman!”

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