Space Jam 2 Is Officially Announced With LeBron James, Get The Details


The fact that LeBron James wished to create the sequel to the Loony Tunes film Space Jam was probably the most leaked secret in Hollywood. Everyone had known that this project is in the minds of Warner Bros. and LeBron. But, somehow, whenever it was discussed, the standard response was that it was not going to happen anytime soon. Although we still don’t have much information about when it is going to arrive, we have confirmed news that it is on its way. The writer has been selected, and talks are on with the director, and yes this venture is featuring a star. LeBron is on board.

The earliest that we had heard the Space Jam 2rumors was over two years back, and in fact, LeBron himself had never said that he didn’t want to make the film. Rather, he was one of those who constantly kept the rumors going. Now, as reported by Hollywood Reporter, the project is officially making progress. The script is being readied by the duo Andrew Dodge (Bad Words) and Alfredo Botello while Warner Bros. is talking to Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond) to direct the film. It’s reported that the project is in early stage, therefore, it is not possible to pinpoint its likely release schedule, but, as stated, we know for sure that the wheel has started moving on this project.

A couple of months back, Springhill Entertainment, the producing partner of LeBron James’, had affirmed that Space Jam 2 was “on the radar” but had suggested that it was lying in its dormant state. If we believe that then it means there has been a rapid change of fortunes for this film.

The original Space Jam film had starred Michael Jordan who defended the world of Looney Tunes with the alien invaders. The film pitted Bugs Bunny and team taking on the aliens by battling them in a game of basketball, and they selected Jordan to play on their side.

Just imagine what kind of a scenario it will be in the sequel when Daffy Duck and Porky Pig team up alongside LeBron James. However, what matters more is whether they will be able to get Bill Murray to do a cameo once again?

The best part of the whole news is that there is no longer any speculation about the Space Jam 2 possibilities. With the project being confirmed, now we can move on to the juicier gossips about what all Space Jam 2 will have in store for us! The game is on folks and just stay tuned for more!


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