22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Sharon Leal That Will Spark Your Fascination

22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Sharon Leal That Will Spark Your Fascination

Sharon Leal plays the role of Sidney Hayworthe in the TV series Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, which continues the suspense filled story of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. In the show, Sidney is often seen checking in on everyone, making sure they are handling the stress and danger that come with their situation.

The thing about Sidney is that she was nice to everyone, even when she was in high school, she let an outsider, Angela Waters, into her friend group. But this past would come to haunt Sidney since old secrets start to come out and everyones trying to figure out who ‘A’ is.

Fast forward to twenty years later, Sidney is focused on her career and raising her daughter, Tabby. She also supports Imogen, another main character in the show. Despite her efforts to provide a stable life, the dark secrets from her past continue to affect her and those she cares about.

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