Save The Date: Marvel Announces X-Men Wedding Date


It’s officially happening! The beloved couple of Colossus and Kitty Pryde is going to be married later this year in X-Men Gold #30 created by Marc Guggenheim and Paolo Siqueira. There was an announcement back in November last year about someone getting married in June in a comic book event which Marvel calls “The Wedding of the Century”, and now it has been confirmed that it is none other than Kitty and Piotr. The great news was revealed by Marvel in a save-the-date video on YouTube, wherein they have asked readers to be ready in June 2018 to celebrate the wedding of two of their favorite mutants.

While there is no precise date mentioned in the video, however, the announcement last year had mentioned the wedding date to be June 20. Considering how fickle the comic release schedules are, that might be moved around a bit. This week’s X-Men Gold #20 saw Kitty propose to Piotr, after a highly dangerous trip to The Negative Zone almost killed him. The road from here to the altar is very troublesome for the couple. Generally, either or both of them are accompanied by someone else, or dead or at times both.

Although their path to marital bliss appears to be well paved, superhero weddings have historically been subject to a lot of drama, and since two of the most famous X-Men are getting married, the event is bound to attract a lot of baddies sprinting to the Xavier Institute For Mutant Outreach to ruin the big day. Although June is quite close, there are going to be nine issues of wedding preparations from now till then, and that’s more than enough time to indulge in various activities for The Wedding of the Century.


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