Revealed: Stunning Star Wars Fan Art Showing Darth Maul Chomping Porgs!


The time is coming for the mega Rian Johnson film Star Wars: The Last Jedi to arrive and now with the full-length trailer having been released, the hype is unprecedented about the film releasing on December 15th. There are a lot of good and dark mysteries in this distant galaxy which is currently being overshadowed by the latest species to enter the Star Wars universe. Yes, we are talking about Porgs.  Are they really cute? What is their role in the larger scheme of things? And also, are they good food? Well, the last question has been answered by Artist RaphLomotan who has created a fan art which shows the cruelest and animalistic Sith Lord, Darth Maul chomping on one of these creatures. Have a look at the stunning artwork called “PorgsFor Lunch.”

There are a few other Star Wars related pieces as well on RaphLomotan’s website and also fan art dedicated to Jurassic Park, Dragon Ball, and Old Man Logan. Nobody had the thought about Darth Maul being a vegan, but, it is extremely dark to savagely feast upon the cute, and high merchandise value porgs. Since it is just the fan art, let us hope that Darth Maul never really finds the real Star Warsporgs.

There might be a lot of people who would be delighted by the food preferences of Maul as porgs have come across as extremely divisive and they are not loved by all. What’s Rey’s bloodline? What made Ben Solo switch to the Dark Side? What is the real identity of Snoke? In fact, given the various theories, we may ask who among all characters is not Snoke? Suddenly all these questions have been pushed to the background and everyone is talking about the porgs. Some say that they are the kid stuff on the lines of Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks as seen in earlier movies, whereas others are supporting the vegetarian way of life and expect the porgs to be a cute new entrant in what might be an extremely grim film.

If you want to find out how RaphLomotan created “PorgsFor Lunch” then you need to check out this video!

Till now, the only thing we know about the porgs is that they are based on Ahch-To, the planet where Luke has been living in exile, and they are going to be seen on the Millennium Falcon sometime during the course of the movie. Rian Johnson has confirmed that their role in the movie is not significant. However, they are bound to give the viewers a little bit of fun moments on the island where Luke is. Star Warsfans have been misled earlier, therefore, the trepidation about porgs is understandable. However, we have faith in Johnson, and we also feel that the porgs are more than a popular merchandise.

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