PewDiePie Compiles Logan Paul’s Most Disgusting Activities In Japan In New Video


Resorting to sarcastic self-realization, and eager to admit his mistakes, PewDiePie has now taken another shot at the recent Japan visit by Logan Paul, which had been in the news after he filmed a dead body hanging in the infamous suicide forest of Japan. After the video and Paul’s subsequent apologies dominated the news headlines, PewDiePie retaliated by his own stinging remarks. Now PewDiePie has focused critically on the remainder of Paul’s Japan trip and highlighted some of his other disgusting stunts and activities. Check it out above.

Right at the outset, we recall an old saying about a pot and a kettle. However, PewDiePie outfoxed his own critics by confessing that he has done as well as said idiotic things. He confessed that he understands why others would say that he is not the right guy to criticize Logan Paul, therefore if you wonder why he is being vocal after all, it appears as if PewDiePie expected such a response from you.

Now we are once again dealing with an idiotic video that would make even the most loyal Logan Paul fan squirm. There is no dearth of irony in seeing PewDiePie devote most of the video to highlight how Logan Paul has been disrespectful in his short Japan trip. He threw a Poke Ball at a cop, harassed seniors, shouted at people going about their business, dressing up as cultural cartoons and causing nuisance in temples, everything is mentioned there, and it makes us wish that the people in Japan don’t start viewing all the North Americans from that viewpoint.

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