Peter Capaldi Open To A Doctor Who Comeback: “I Could Pop Up Again”


He would like to be back as the 12th Doctor – if “the material was right”.

While he is not yet out of the series, Peter Capaldi is already contemplating the chances about a return to Doctor Who.

Capaldi stated in a recent interview to a website that he is not averse to the idea of appearing in a multi-doctor scenario in the future.

Following his exit this Christmas, Capaldi confirmed to Digital Spy that he’s open to an appearance in a future multi-Doctor story.

“I’m sure if it was right, if I thought the material was right, and it was the right time to do it,” he said. “I love Doctor Who, so it’s great to be in it. But I think there comes a time… when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, and leave it behind and let it get on with itself.

“Maybe in some years’ time, I could pop up again. I’m quite happy to do that.”

When that might happen would remain a speculation and he might just chose the 60th anniversary in 2023 to reappear, right? One thing we can surely guess is that Capaldi would want a return to be something truly memorable and not just an ordinary case of casting.

“One doesn’t want to… it should never be a casual thing,” he emphasised. “It has to be special. That’s one of the things I love about Doctor Who – when it connects with its past, which it has an increasing amount of.

“When it touches its own past, it’s an electric moment. But if we all keep showing every season, it’s not!”

He had earlier defended the choice of Jodie Whittaker as his successor and the show’s first lady doctor. This is what he said on the subject:

“I sort of don’t get the idea that there’s any controversy over it, I just don’t really get it. I just think, ‘It’s a new Doctor Who!’ and that’s really exciting. It’s a new person playing Doctor Who and they’ll bring their whole new thing to it and that’s always exciting.”

Doctor Who will be back on BBC One this Christmas with Twice Upon a Time‘, featuring Capaldi and his incarnation David Bradley.

Thereafter the series will return with the new season in autumn of 2018 starring Whittaker as the new Doctor.


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