22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Park Gyuyoung That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Park Gyu- Young is a South Korean actress who plays Yoon Ji-su in the Netflix series Sweet Home. The series follows the residents of Green Home as they battle monstrous transformations and try to survive in a dangerous world. Yoon Ji-su is a guitarist who uses her music to bring comfort and hope to those around her, even in the darkest of times.Despite the chaos and danger, she remains a pillar of strength for her fellow residents.

But sadly, Ji-su dies in season 2, episode 3, while trying to protect a child. The military bombards the city to stop the monster curse from spreading, causing the bridge she is on to collapse, she is trapped in the wreckage, sealing her fate. So even though it is unlikely we will see her in the new season there may be a possibility that we get to see her in flashback scenes.

Other than Sweet Home, Park Gyu-young has been in many other Korean dramas, including It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,The Devil Judge,Dali & Cocky Prince, and A Good Day to Be a Dog. She is also set to appear in the highly anticipated second season of Squid Game.

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Park Gyuyoung sexy pictures
Park Gyuyoung sexy pictures
Park Gyuyoung hot pictures
Park Gyuyoung hot pictures

Park Gyuyoung sexy pics

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Park Gyuyoung sexy look

Park Gyuyoung sexy

Park Gyuyoung hot pics

Park Gyuyoung hot

Park Gyuyoung hot look

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