Obi-Wan Is A Jesus Clone According To 80s Star Wars Theory.


Fanfictions have often played spoiler to many popular series. From Harry Potter to Star Wars, every famous series has had to face the wrath of some weird Fanfictions. When it comes to Star Wars though, the level of weirdness attains an all new level. To top it all, the number of fan-based websites have ensured that these weird fan theories cover the entire Internet.

These fan theories are not a gift of today’s Internet, they date back to the early years of Star Wars when the fans had nothing more than a handful of Star Wars movies to get their tales woven up. Some of these fan theories were so weird that they earned themselves a special mention in the Star Wars universe. Pablo Hidalgo, Lucasfilm Story Book creative executive, took to Twitter to share one such fan theory with the recent entrants in the Star Wars fandom.

Pablo Hidalgo started a Twitter thread on June 1 with the December 1980 issue of Fantastic Films, a sci-fi and magazine that ran from 1978 to 1985, the time when Star Wars trilogy was spreading its zeal all over. Pablo shared a few handpicked pieces in the issue to tell us of one of the weirdest fan theories ever. The two main revelations of the thread are that Jedis are actually clones of Jesus Christ and Boba Fett was doubted to be the ‘Other One’ that Yoda refers to in The Empire Strikes Back.

To explain the Jedi-Jesus stuff, Hidalgo shared quite a lengthy post which reads, ” The Jedi Knights have preserved the Republic for a thousand generations. In Biblical days, a millennium was only a thousand years, but Lucas thinks big — a thousand years of peace under divine guidance before the Antichrist appears to fight the ultimate war. And who is the Antichrist, who serves Satan, an ex-angel who succumbed to the Dark Side of Evil? You tell me. Better yet, tell me what Jedi stands for. In Latin, the plural of Jesus would be Jesi, but that’s too obvious. If the early Christians cloned Jesus to preserve his unique DNA, they might have built the Jesus Eugenics Development Institute. It provided a home for the galaxy’s greatest minds, robot as well as human. No mere human brain can comprehend the complexity of a DNA molecule. That task remains for computers, and artificial minds such as Artoo’s, that unobstructive observer from the JED Institute.”

Now, about the specialation of Boba Fett being the ‘Other One’ Yoda refers to in The Empire Strikes Back. Two points that should be remembered for considering this theory are that the fans had only two movies at their exposure and Leia had not been outed as Luke’s sister yet. It starts with the assumption that Darth Vader lied to Luke about his parentage and Luke’s actual father was Boba Fett disguised as a bounty hunter called “Roberta“. Roberta was thought to be the “last survivor of a group of Commandoes the Jedis exterminated during the Clone Wars, so she could rightfully hold a grudge against all Jedis, including Skywalker. Removing her armor, she tricked Luke’s father into falling love with her, and led him to Vader’s trap.” After this, the real Luke father must have took Roberta’s and assumed her identity to reach Luke.

If you are good enough to understand this vague tale of some weird brains, shoot in your views about this out-of-the-planet theory in our comments section below.

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